Promotion & Communication

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Promotion & Communication

Communication made of words, movements, images, fragrances and smooth tastes…anything can contribute to communicate through an event.

We design and product invitations, brochures, leaflets, teasers, publication of conference documents, we organize press office activities and coordinate press releases.

We can act as a partner in the organization of events and conferences, from small informal meetings to major corporate events with services that make the difference.

In order to develop customer loyalty to your organization, the clients must be convinced that your product or service is the best solution to their needs and that your organization will continually exceed their expectations.


UNIVERS INCOMING provides a comprehensive set of research-based communication strategies to help your organization achieve its full outreach potential by aligning its capabilities with customer needs and expectations and consistently articulating its promise in ways that resonate with customers.

Our customer loyalty specialists are leaders in providing full-service marketing and communications services.

We can provide strategic marketing and communication plans, brand development and a full range of campaign design and execution services as well as support and evaluate ongoing communications.

Whether your communications objectives call for social marketing or traditional marketing strategies, internal or external communication, printed or web-based materials, we use a customer perspective to inform our strategy thus ensuring execution of your campaign is effective.